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We are revolutionizing the future of healthcare with a vision to deliver safe, personalised & comprehensive care anytime, anywhere!

Experience the simplicity & convenience of telemedicine that is reforming our healthcare for a better future. With TeleDoc®, you can virtually connect with an experienced physician from the comfort of your living room. All you need is a mobile phone to get started.

We offer same-day telehealth appointments with a range of services including confidential phone & video consultation, diagnostic investigations, specialist referrals, medical certificates & e-scripts for medication requests.

4 easy steps to get started!

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reforming healthcare for a better future

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  • “I used another telehealth service which talked to me for less than 2 minutes and gave me antibiotics that I was actually allergic to. Dr Zee took the time to get my medical history and listened to me without rushing to prescribe and end the consultation. I won't be using any other unsafe service EVER"
J.H; Coffs Harbour, NSW

“It is a wonderful service particularly when you aren’t able to make an appointment with your local doctor. I am already telling all my family & friends”

L.P; Potts Point, NSW

“The doctors I've spoken to are so kind & professional.They take the time to listen and really understand your medical needs. Mobile scripts are a gamechanger"

E.K, Gladstone, QLD

“With my first newborn, we were always running to the doctor's office everytime he had a cough or diarrhea. Now I just call TeleDoc and a doctor advises me whether I should be taking my child to the Emergency or if I can care for them at home"

M.R, Albany, WA

“They were specially helpful during COVID when I was self-isolating at home. They prescribed me the medications and my local pharmacy was able to deliver it to my house. The service is worth paying for.”

D.T, Balwyn, VIC

Saves me so much time waiting at the doctor's lounge just to get my usual prescriptions.

R.N, Sydney NSW

"I use TeleDoc to get medications for my daughter when she gets croup. Being a new mother sometimes all you need is a professional to look at your baby over a video call just to assure you that everything is okay"

A.J, Adelaide, SA

"I've used TeleDoc time and time again to get medications & medical certificate. The doctors are extremely helpful & polite and I can't recommend them enough"

S.W, Belconnen, ACT